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8 Things To Look For When Buying Travel Insurance

What To Look For When Buying Travel Insurance
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You have packed everything for your trip, and you are excited to leave early in the morning to explore the beauty of the world.

But, wait!

You have missed an important thing! Guess what, It’s your Travel Insurance. I know that it’s not that much exciting part of traveling or booking your next trip, but trust me, it’s the most important thing you need to consider, and don’t skip it just to save a bit of money. Because it covers the unexpected losses so you can travel without any worry.

You didn’t hesitate to purchase Auto Insurance or home insurance, then why not Trip Insurance?

Let’s just take a little example, suppose you’re in the other corner of the world enjoying your holidays, and you’ve spent all the money while you were there. Travel insurance is not just about recovering lost money, what if you need a medical emergency while you’re on your trip. What would you do then? The only answer is


Now imagine, you had bought travel insurance, and how much easier you would be feeling knowing that your trip insurance is there to cover any unexpected incident.

We know that you might have a question, “How much is Travel Insurance?” don’t worry we’ll try to answer your question so you can choose cheap yet best travel insurance.

Before we dive into the details, I would recommend you to consult some professional insurance advisor as well so you can get more detailed information.

Here are the 8 most important things to look for when buying travel insurance.

What is travel insurance

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers costs and misfortunes associated with traveling, these misfortunes can be financial loss, passport loss, medical emergencies overseas, rented equipment like a rented car or even last-minute trip cancellation. If you’re going to book your trip with a traveling agency, they might have offered you a travel insurance package.

1. Get the Duration Right

This is something most people ignore or miscalculate while buying Travel Insurance. Make sure you know the exact number of days, you would be away. Because there are different trip insurance policies out there in the market and each policy covers only for a specific number of days. This limit changes from provider to provider.

If you miscalculated the duration of your trip and you stayed away for more than the limit of your policy, this makes your policy invalid.

So, make sure you enter the correct date for leave and return.

2. Make Sure Your Destination is Covered By The Policy

Before you buy Travel Insurance, make sure your destinations are covered by the policy you choose. If you have decided to visit multiple countries, make sure your policy covers all those countries.

Because these insurance policies vary from provider to provider, for example, one provider covers Brazil and the other providers won’t. But generally, Brazil and Kenya are not covered by most insurance policies because of the crime rate in these countries.

So, it’s your responsibility to check your destinations with the insurance provider.

3. Check Your Insurance Policy For Gadgets

It’s a cool idea to keep your camera with you so you can capture beautiful moments and make them sweet memories or even an iPad for kids. Make sure you also check if your trip insurance policy covers these gadgets.

4. The Early You Buy Travel Insurance The More Benefits You Get

It would never be good advice to leave your trip insurance for the last minute. I would advise you to buy a travel insurance policy as soon as you can. There are reasons behind this.

  1. If you have already packed up everything, bought all the necessary things and now you’re thinking of getting an insurance policy, there are chances that you have not enough money left to pay for your policy. So, ultimately you’ve lost all those benefits and peace of mind that insurance could provide you while you travel. So, don’t leave insurance for the last minute.
  2. Now the second reason is, anything can happen before you leave for the trip. For example, you got ill or some other serious medical emergency, and you have to cancel your trip. Then you are covered by your policy to some extent. So, your question “Does Travel Insurance Cover Medical Expenses?” is answered here. You need to contact your insurance provider for more details.

5. Make Sure You Are Covered For Adventures

travel insurance guide

It’s natural that we all feel very excited while on holidays, and sometimes we like to do adventures. But if anything goes wrong, you can hurt yourself. Most of the travel insurance policies also cover different activities like bungee jumping or scuba diving etc. So, make sure you check with your insurer to see which adventure activities are covered in your policy.

6. Don’t Miss Your Flight

Generally, missing a flight is not covered by a travel insurance policy. So don’t miss your flight. Even if your policy covers this, you will have to go through and very detailed process to claim your insurance, and you will also provide them with a very solid proof that it was not your fault to miss the flight and you made every effort to get there on time.

So, leave early for your flight. If you have a very busy routine and you think that there are chances of being late, then you should check with your insurance provider to see what you are and aren’t covered for.

7. Travel Insurance With Pre-existing Medical Conditions

One important advice, be honest when buying travel insurance and let your insurance provider know about all pre-existing medical conditions that you have. Even if you didn’t face any problem recently, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to mention, it’s still important that you mention all medical conditions.

There is a reason, let’s suppose you face a medical problem when you are on holidays and later you go to your trip insurance provider for the claim. Then the insurer has the right to request your previous medical records and if they find anything that you didn’t mention it when buying insurance, they may refuse to pay.

8. Report The Theft ASAP

I know it’s miserable and it sucks when you lost your wallet or in the worst case if someone pinched it from your pocket. The big mistake most people make here is, they think it can be claimed later when they get back from holidays. But most insurers work differently and they require an official police report explaining what and when it happened, otherwise your claim would be invalid.

You should file a police report within 24 – 48 hours. Just go to the nearest police station, tell them about your theft, get the report and enjoy your trip.


Life is uncertain and misfortune can happen anytime with anyone. It’s always a wise choice to buy Travel Insurance if you want to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, and it could save you thousands of dollars if any misfortune happens.

I hope this article covers the things that you need to know about travel insurance.

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